Dennis Barlett - Job Placement Consultant

"Keep up the good work. You are doing
us proud."
- Leo Gerard
International Secretary-Treasurer
United Steelworkers of America


Profile: Dennis Barlett, Past President Local Union 6791 USW Canadian BUILDing Systems
With over 20 years Elected Union Presidential experience, I was directly involved in employee/ management interaction, assessment and selection when hiring employees and was integral in the general selection process.

In 1992 I became union co-chair of a local adjustment committee of the Canadian Steel Trade and Employment Congress (CSTEC). After working as peer helper for almost 2 years under the guidance of Leo Gerard USW Canadian Director, CSTEC hired me as a Job Placement Co-coordinator.

Being in a national organization, I had the opportunity to travel across Canada to companies that were closing or downsizing to support their employee's, committees, and facilities by conducting hundreds of seminars and work shops. I am fully trained in Peer Counselling and Needs Assessments and entrusted by large and small organizations to help maintain the positive progression and motivation of our workforce.

The Steelworker’s now contract me, Dennis Barlett for seminars, work shops and other DESIGN enabling me to continue to allow us all the ability to regain the confidence and pride we have in the skills of our trades.

Professional Highlights:

"Call Me first if You want to Work"
Dennis Barlett
Job Placement Consultant

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